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OLED comes into a pressing matter of the moment, the technical reserve enterprise

Source:China semiconductor Date:2011-09-01

LED this once as neon synonymous, but in the field of color TV set off a technological revolution. Into 2010, LED LCD TV is a businessman will push buyers preferred. However, LED flat-panel TV promotion craze has not receded, a new generation of OLED products have been coming to OLED (organic light emitting diode) has been identified as replacing LED a new generation of flat panel display technology mainstream.
From TV industry development, every innovation industry upgrading are inseparable from the technology. And in every industry upgrade, color TV industry in China behind Zhuifeng, struggling to imitate the embarrassing state. Investigate its reason, technical problems as key factors, in the third generation display technology, OLED industry and Chinese abroad almost in the same starting line, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General long, famous home appliance expert Lu Renbo that, at present, the OLED technology is still in the initial stage, the Chinese and foreign enterprises who hold OLED size and the rate of finished products of technology, who will seize the opportunity of OLED tv.
The domestic panel expedite, fast and not strong
In recent years, flat-panel TV business arisen a panel to "war", up to now, the mainland 7 LCD panel production line showed high generation pattern, respectively is the Hefei BOE 6 generation line, BOE 8.5 generation line in Beijing, Panda - Nanjing SHARP 6 generation line, TCL- Huaxing Shenzhen 8.5 generation line and just the start of the Suzhou Samsung 7.5 generation line, and have been approved but not yet started construction LG Guangzhou 8.5 generation line, and has just won the approval of the Longfei photoelectric Kunshan 8.5 generation line. Panel enterprise fast horse, but due to nearly a year to the flat-panel TVs in the domestic growth has noticeably slowed (according to the relevant statistical data show that one quarter of this year, the domestic color TV retail scale 10460000, drop compared to the same period 5.2%; retail sales of 39400000000 yuan, year-on-year decline of 8.2%), the panel supply surplus pattern form, the liquid crystal panel or will cause excess liquid crystal TV into more cruel "price war" the whirlpool, forming chaotic business environment, not only the final sales dealers increase, which cause the difficulty of lower profits, but also will lead to the production of the enterprise profit space more and more low; and the color TV enterprises also busy like "strategy to seize the high-end cloud TV" and other products, no time to take into account. The present situation of the domestic panel industry at present is not as expected strong.
Panel enterprises OLED layout to start, high spirited
Given the current market situation, SHARP, SONY and other Japanese color TV giant, has launched a joint development of the OLED technology in the lead of the Japanese government, trying to establish dominance of Japanese enterprises in the field of OLED. Not only the Japanese enterprises to actively layout of OLED, South Korean companies Samsung 3.5 generation OLED production line to produce 14 inch panel yield has reached more than 90%, the monthly capacity of 72000 pieces of the 5.5 generation line has achieved mass production. In June this year, Samsung also announced the eighth generation OLED panel test line will be put into use in May next year, plans to use the OLED panel extends from the intelligent mobile phone, tablet PC to TV and other fields; LG Display recently said it would postpone a Guangzhou 8.5 generation line of liquid crystal panel project delayed start. Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo think, the project re started the possibility is low, an important reason for this is that LGD plans to invest $2830000000 to 2014 mass production of the next generation OLED panel, for its 55 inch tv. In addition, China set up China OLED Industry Alliance in June this year, at present mainly Kunshan visionox, Sichuan Changhong, Foshan rainbow enterprise engaged in the production of small size OLED, for the OLED attention will probably increase China enterprises the right to speak in the industrial chain, but in the product research and development has been follow the example of Japan and South Korea China color TV industry speaking, domestic enterprises in small size OLED panel is involved, but in large size OLED area was not much progress, the future when large size panel factory foreign-funded enterprises have been put into operation, the domestic enterprise is facing the passive situation.
Domestic brands to accelerate the speed of technological innovation, a pressing matter of the moment
In the era of the CRT and the LCD era, Chinese enterprises are pursued in Japan and South Korea, the liquid crystal display technology on vulnerability to upper reaches of the panel enterprises rely on Japan and South Korea China too to make several times in recent years, the awkward situation of Chinese enterprise goods can be sold without the. But the OLED panel brings new opportunity to the domestic panel enterprises, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce long, famous home appliance expert Lu Renbo said, the current OLED industry in our country is in the key period of development, have a certain amount of technology development and industrial supporting capacity, but the OLED industry is also facing the problem of basic research, industry supporting imperfect the lack of strong, competitive, leading enterprises in the global industry standards and intellectual property areas lack of discourse right, to some extent hindered the Chinese OLED industry sustained and healthy development, how to effectively, the development of sustainable, healthy, depends on the color TV enterprises can combine is a pressing matter of the moment, the domestic color TV manufacturing enterprises technical reserves positive in real OLED entered before.

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