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Lighting market situation and analysis of Linyi LED analysis

Source:China semiconductor Date:2011-09-01

LED is a noun currently popular LED, in fact, as early as in a few years ago has emerged, but not like now so hot. Since the start of last year LED warms up abruptly, especially the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair this year, LED completely broke, this also makes the LED more and more become the focus of people. Therefore, this reporter conducted a detailed investigation and understanding of the LED market in Linyi.
At present, Linyi LED although the market is not very mature, but its product coverage is very broad, covering almost all LED products, LED, LED Home Furnishing commercial lighting, LED lamp, LED lamp and so on Goods are available in all varieties. engineering.
LED according to the coverage rate of 80%
The survey to understand, at present Linyi lamp market LED according to almost every home, especially LED downlights and spotlights, whether it is to do Home Furnishing lighting businesses, merchants do engineering lamps, lanterns or do business, almost all have. There are three main reasons: one is the customer demand, now the family decoration, hotel, hotels, shops, exhibition hall decoration all use tube lamp, LED lamp can increase the barrel to meet customer demand, increased sales virtually; two is the LED tube lamp needs only a sample display, without producing too many goods, can place an order after the factory delivery, if the customer urgent need, also can adjust the goods at any time in the market, occupy less money; the three is the LED tube lamp, display the required area is small, only a display board can handle.
LED lamp with growing demand
LED lamp with quality has stabilized, the brightening effect undoubtedly, has gradually been accepted by consumers, especially some of the buildings, hotels, outdoor lighting project gradually adopted LED lamp belt, demand grow with each passing day. At present, Linyi LED market see light belt mainly has two kinds: LED bulb lamp, LED lamp belt belt (including SMD 12V lamp belt and SMD 220V lamp with two). The LED lamp lamp with brightness less than the lamp belt, in the Linyi market is gradually shrinking, the market share is less and less, has disappeared, replaced gradually by the lamp belt. The SMD LED lamp with the Linyi market more, mainly in low-cost, dealers want to push high-end products, but because of the current consumer does not understand the LED, the only comparison only price, therefore, the low price products dominate. Status of this consumer awareness, leading to the Linyi LED lamp with the market now dominated by low-end, namely with low price products. But 12V lamp belt installation needs with a transformer, the installation is complicated, need professional installation, some businesses began to promote the use of more simple SMD 220V lamp belt. SMD 220V lamp belt and SMD 12V lamp with compared, there are two major weakness, one is slightly higher prices, the two is the quality is not stable, but its convenient installation and use, at present more popular.
LED low voltage crystal lamp seller
LED low voltage crystal lamp with its fresh, natural lighting effects to win the vast number of consumers and dealers alike, since last year, a larger volume of walking. This part of main low voltage crystal lamp brand, relying on the low-pressure crystal lamp sales continued to climb, the highest sales broken, but it can be so strong sales momentum last a long time, can make nothing of it, not blindly follow, the majority of enterprises, distributors need to be cautious and is.
LED brand image "just buds"
LED mainly in bulk in Linyi, exclusive image almost no, at the end of last year, Linyi Leike lighting breaking no LED store situation, opened more than 100 square meters of Leike lighting LED stores, Pegasus lighting opened NVC LED monopoly area, the sun lighting also opened the Pawnee lighting monopoly District in the best position to shop in. Thus, Linyi LED has been sprouting, I believe that in the near future, LED will occupy half of the country Linyi market monopoly.
Indoor LED rise huge potential
Since indoor LED in Linyi market are not open to the situation, but this year NVC Opple lighting, A lighting, light, love China, Guanhua lighting brands such as the launch of the LED indoor series products, because of its high cost, is just part of the high-end consumers to accept, but as technology breakthroughs and innovation, interior LED will slowly into the vast number of consumers in the home, indoor LED has a very great potential to rise.

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