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LED lighting added Ying opportunity security key

Source:China semiconductor Date:2011-09-01

Along with the progress of LED technology, reduce the price, at the same time fluorescent powder prices rise has brought the cost pressure on the traditional lighting, these are for LED to enter the field of indoor lighting provides a good opportunity.
At present, LED is used as the courtyard lamp, tunnel lamp, and used in commercial lighting, office lighting and other indoor places are very desirable. However, less attention is, LED each a light generated radiation amount is not large, is far less than the HID (high intensity discharge) light source, but it can be very small energy concentrated in a certain direction. This also means that, although not as strong LED laser, but local intensity should be paid special attention to the harm of.
The personage inside course of study points out, now LED is still in the stage of the sample, the mainstream of the market or the traditional lighting products, but the product phase of LED will soon come entirely. Once the LED enters the product phase, IEC/EN62471 must be enforced, the related testing laboratories should have the ability to match, otherwise harm Photobiological Safety aspects may appear.
Indeed, LED once entered the room lighting, will its security problem is more outstanding, if made into a lamp, desk lamp, flashlight, laser lecture pen etc., will cause the child's interests, its security becomes more important. For example, little laser lecture pen, if direct exposure to the eyes of the children, the children will damage the retina of the eye. The harm of LED lighting optical radiation strength is the objective existence, also is the enterprise should be the most protective parts.
In the LED is about to enter the home lighting occasion, hope that the whole industry to develop the means of detecting the correct as soon as possible, and appoint a qualified laboratory testing, such ability from potential harm to minimize the essence. Of course, the correct detection of LED lighting light radiation intensity evaluation index is very important, but also very difficult. Even if the LED module meets the requirement of the lamp is not necessarily meet the requirements, but also consider the distribution of light; lamp, light intensity maximum human direction is not easily identifiable, must seriously look for. These not only domestically, but also international detection of bottlenecks in the field.

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