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Poly Heyuan Photoelectric Industrial Park started to accelerate industrial layout target global LED Market

Source:China semiconductor Date:2011-09-01

Recently, poly industrial Heyuan Photoelectric Industrial Park officially in Guangdong Heyuan started, the project covers an area of nearly 100000 square meters, mainly for the LED application products research and development and manufacturing, to provide guarantee for the rapid growth of poly capacity at home and abroad lighting applications market. Vice secretary general of Heyuan City Hall long, high-tech zones CMC director Li Yannan, Shenzhen LED Industry Association Secretary General Shi Rong, Sui collection industrial chairman Huang Heming, general manager Xiao Ling together for top leaders and staff representatives and customers partners witness day ceremony.
"Very glad to poly LED Industrial Park base officially started." Deputy Secretary of Heyuan city Li Yannan said, the cultivation and development of LED optoelectronic industry is one of the key tasks of Heyuan Twelfth Five Year Plan period. Energy saving and environmental protection advantages of LED photoelectric industry prominent, huge market potential, good prospects for development of emerging industries, is the key support of the state, very much in line with the high-tech zone development of "four new" industrial requirements. "We will increase support for the LED industry, and actively help the enterprises strengthen research and investment of LED products and expand the scale of production, to improve market share, to accelerate the construction of poly as photoelectric project and the introduction of a number of LED photoelectric enterprises."
Shenzhen LED Industry Association Secretary General Gui Shirong fully affirmed the achievements of poly as vice president, he thinks, poly as LED Shenzhen City Industry Association unit, construction tightly around the technology research and development, product manufacturing and brand channels, out of a unique collection mode, the products are exported to many countries and regions, and access to WAL-MART and other international retail chain stores. And now gathering and opened the first pace of extension of the expansion, and laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the scale and cost control of the enterprise next.
Poly industrial chairman Huang Heming told the leaders and partners to thank, on the company's concern and support he said, the company will continue to focus on the application of LED in the field of innovation and change, creating more value for customers, to promote the development of the cause of energy saving and emission reduction.
It is understood, in recent years, the semiconductor lighting industry maintained a rapid growth trend, in 2009 domestic LED enterprise production scale is only 80000000000 yuan, make a spurt of progress in 2010 reached 120000000000 Yuan, Shenzhen occupies 1/3 strong market share. To gather as a representative of a group of domestic enterprises in the international market performance should not be underestimated, but industry analysts pointed out that, Shenzhen LED products export enterprises reached 90%, make the layout of Heyuan, to achieve the expansion of production capacity, to further occupy the international market, the domestic market once large area to start, as this kind of poly international market operation enterprises also have the opportunity to seize the opportunity.
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