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The new energy-saving emission reduction policies to boost the LED industry strides

Source:China semiconductor Date:2011-09-01

The general office of the State Council recently issued a "State Council on printing and distributing the" Twelfth Five Year Plan "a comprehensive energy reduction program of work notice", the electronics industry there are three main types of listing Corporation will benefit from the "notice": LED, power electronic device class, energy-saving service and contract energy management.
"Notice" for the LED lighting support is reflected in three aspects: the first is to speed up the industrialization of technology, put forward the "key support for rare earth permanent magnet coreless motor, semiconductor lighting" technology; second is to guide residents' consumption oriented ", put forward in the residents to promote the use of efficient energy-saving home appliances, lighting products"; the third is to improve the financial incentives, put forward "use fiscal subsidy way to promote energy efficient home appliances, lighting products etc.". Benefit standard mainly Sanan optoelectronics, changelight, nationstar optoelectronics, Lehman photoelectric, Silan microelectronics, Yankon enterprises.
Amethyst 2900000000 investment in Xinjiang to build a LED production project
China Amethyst photoelectric investment Limited by Share Ltd invested 2900000000 yuan in LED sapphire crystal production project of Urumqi construction, is one of the key project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in xinjiang. LED industry is a new material industrial crown, the core material of LED -- artificial crystal production technology is the crown jewel. The project marked a crystal industry in Xinjiang will be A new force suddenly rises.
LED sapphire crystal production project is the Urumqi high tech Zone (new city) designed project in the first Asia Europe Expo signing one of the 9 outer. Reportedly, the 9 projects funds amounted to 31000000000 yuan, grow 50% than last year Wu Qia, refresh the historical record.
Shenzhen three years to raise 10000000000 of funds
Semiconductor lighting industry fund
The development of Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry promotion association membership meeting finalized, the next 3 years, Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry will raise $10000000000 in the establishment of the fund industry, providing strong financial services and financial support for the semiconductor lighting industry of independent innovation and the growth of enterprises.
Shenzhen as a national semiconductor lighting industrialization base, with the national reform and opening to the outside world "the window" and the electronic information industry development of the "front line", the semiconductor lighting industry ranks first in the country, has formed a complete industrial chain, in the backlight, display, indoor and outdoor and specialty lighting applications such as market the first breakthrough, the development momentum good, and leading technology, have obvious advantages. At present, the city has been the emergence of easy special lighting, Bonbel, Zhou Ming electronic technology, optoelectronic, Han photoelectric, quantum, poly industrial, orient technology industry leader.
The meeting clearly, the member enterprise production scale in 2014 increased to 30000000000 ~ 40000000000 yuan, each year to increase 5000000000 ~ 10000000000 yuan; set up the fund industry started from zero, in 2014 increased to 10000000000 yuan.
Toshiba lighting will create LED energy-saving lamp production base in Fujian
The fifteenth session of the China International Trade Fair in Fuzhou key projects signing ceremony on September 7th morning signing in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center Center was held. This fair Fuzhou signed a total of 29, of which 24 foreign investment projects, a total investment of $1330000000, the use of foreign capital of $670000000, funded 5 projects, a total investment of 2800000000 yuan.
According to the briefing, the world 500 strong enterprises Toshiba lighting plans to invest $27000000, combining the old relocation site, the site of Fuzhou export processing zone, 80 acres of land, the establishment of China district headquarters and the construction plan of LED lighting products, plans to build energy-saving lamp production line 6, all export products. After the completion of the project, the estimated annual output value of 900000000 yuan, is expected to become an important production base for domestic LED energy saving lamp.
Ningbo every year 10000000 yuan awesome LED lighting project
Ningbo city science and Technology Bureau and Finance Bureau have jointly developed the "Interim Measures for the management of special funds of Ningbo city" ten city lights "semiconductor lighting application project grants".
According to this method, 2011-2015 years, Ningbo City financial arrangements 10000000 yuan annually, county (city) District Management Committee, the financial arrangements corresponding budget, set up a special fund for the city of Ningbo, "ten city lights" semiconductor lighting application project grants and promote the work of.
According to introduction, special subsidy object mainly has three aspects, one is the application of project LED Ningbo municipality directly within non government investment, according to the practical application of LED product purchase price is 30% of the total, given the application of the unit; two is the energy management contract enterprises registered in Ningbo City, according to the LED actual promotion product contract energy total 30%, give the contract energy management corporate subsidies; three is the year of county (city) area, the administrative committee and the municipal authorities "ten city lights" semiconductor lighting application project to promote the work of assessment, assessment of advanced, give prize instead of subsidies is not more than 300000 yuan.

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